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This form should only be submitted by the club registrar to be accepted and processed. If it is coming from someone within the club other than the club registrar - processing will be delayed until confirmation is given from the club registrar.

*A New player is one who has not been on a roster for the 2019-2020 seasonal year within any other club/association within STYSA*

Players Located at the bottom of your AAYSA 2019-20 team/player (roster & Cards) roster without a "Blue P" next to them means that they are not on the official roster and will not generate on the game-card or have a player card to show. These players should not have entry into any game until they have been added to the roster by the local association registrar. Playing any player not on the official game-card/roster will result in a FORFEIT for your team with the appropriate fines.

You can submit more than one player on each form - provided they are all going to the same team.

Forms will be processed Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am-8pm. No players will be added after hours or during the weekend. Forms submitted after the regular hours will be looked at the next following business day (excluding holidays).

Players submitted as New players who have been on the seasonal year 2019-2020 official roster with another club/association within STYSA, registrars will get an email with the trans/release form to submit. As these players are not considered new players.
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Please type the players full name as it appears in Gotsoccer along with their player Id number. Age group is that of the team the player is being assigned to.
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