Legal Madness Story Form
Welcome to the intake form for NYU's Legal Madness project. By submitting a story of startup madness you grant the Engelberg Center permission to incorporate your story into the project. We will do everything we can to keep information anonymous, but we strongly recommend not submitting content that can be used to easily identify you (or your company).

Remember, these shared stories will be used as the basis for a script. And the scripts may be performed in public. Keep things brief, entertaining, and conversational - this isn't a court filing!

Submit as many stories as you like. We ask that you please fill out a separate form for each story.

In order maintain anonymity, we are not collecting your email address or other personal information as part of this form. Whether or not you choose to submit, to keep up to date on the project please sign up for the Engelberg Center email list:
Here is my story of something ridiculous that I had to deal with in-house at a tech company. As you don't know me, I integrated background (the characters, the place, the wardrobes, etc.) into my narrative. *
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Here is something else that you and/or the actor that is telling the story should know about the story:
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Here is my suggested title for this performance event:
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