Copier Buyer Survey ~                                                       10 short questions for copier buyers.
PROBLEM - Statistics suggest 92% of copiers are leased.  8% are purchased.  Regardless if you lease, outright purchased, have a maintenance contract or service level agreement we’ve consistently found copier contracts heavily favor the seller.  SOLUTION - Our transparent and proprietary process is very unique and has saved our clients 22% - 52% on their next copier vendor contract. We deliver contractual improvements, wasted spend eliminated and cost savings discoveries! The majority of our clients initially answer 'No' to the following questions.  After engaging our services these 'No's' turned into 'Yes'!   Meaning we disclose the truth in totality!  We would like to hear from you as well.  Please feel free to provide your candid feedback at the end of this survey.
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1.  As the copier buyer for your organization have you  ever worked in the copier industry? *
2.  Are you aware of how to calculate the interest in a copier lease? *
3.  Was the lease financing rate factor disclosed prior to signing the lease? *
4.  Was the residual formula disclosed prior to signing the lease? *
5.  On occasion a vendor will include usage or minimum volumes per month in the lease for maintenance & supply agreements.  If you do not achieve this minimum volume is it carried over to the next month, quarter or credited to you in any way? *
6.  Was the total amount of interest (in USD) disclosed prior to signing the lease? *
7.  Was the annual percentage rate (A.P.R.) disclosed prior to signing your lease? *
8.  Was any alternate financing (other than leasing) offered to you? *
9.  Did you or anyone on your procurement team create a request for proposal (RFP) that had a minimum of 40 questions you wanted the sales rep to answer or address? *
10.  Do you enjoy any or all aspects of negotiating copier contracts with the seller(s)? *
Please feel free to use this section to ask us questions, provide your feedback or in any way freely share your thoughts on copiers, copier leases, purchase agreements or service.  Thank you for your time and courtesies! *
If you answered 'No' to the majority of these questions we believe our Copier Buyer Guide™ process will benefit you and your organization.   If you are interested in seeing if we can save you money please check out our 'Savings Calculator' at    *
Please leave your contact information here and any follow up instructions or requests.  Alternatively, you may email us at  Thank you again for taking our survey!
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