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Event date: 4 p.m. Feb. 19, 2022
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Mukai marks 80th anniversary of incarceration order with authors of new graphic novel, “We Hereby Refuse”
Driven by wartime fear, bigotry, and paranoia, Executive Order 9066, a policy with lasting consequences that was issued 80 years ago this February, authorized the removal and detention of more than 120,000 Japanese-Americans on the West Coast.

On February 19 at 4 p.m., Mukai Farm & Garden will commemorate the occasion with an online, moderated discussion with Frank Abe and Tamiko Nimura, the authors of the new graphic novel, "We Hereby Refuse: Japanese American Resistance to Wartime Incarceration.”

The graphic novel uses powerful art to tell the story of those who refused to accept their imprisonment in American concentration camps without a fight after being evicted from their homes in 1942. Now, during an era marked by a national reckoning with a wave of anti-Asian violence rooted in a history of systemic exclusion and racism, "We Hereby Refuse: Japanese American Resistance to Wartime Incarceration” tells a story based on extensive research to present a fresh perspective of America's past, with troubling parallels to the present.

“We Hereby Refuse” is a story of the devastating and complex effects of incarceration based solely on race.  It reveals the depth and breadth of the long-suppressed story of camp resistance, and situating the government's wartime actions in the continuum of systemic exclusion of Asian Americans. In these volatile times, it is more important than ever that Americans understand this vital chapter in the country's history, and that future generations see this story as an opportunity to be leaders of change in their communities, ensuring such atrocities never happen again.

To learn more about the book, visit twitter.com/WeHerebyRefuse. Attendance to the event is free with donations to Mukai Farm & Garden gladly accepted.

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