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Registration closes: January 1st, 2019
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There are a limited number of double tables available. If you select "Two Tables" you are NOT GUARANTEED a two-table space, you are only requesting eligibility for a two-table space. These tables will be in the corners of the hall. If you submit this form, you must be okay with receiving a single table. You will be notified if you have received a two-table space after being accepted and before payment. An additional vendor badge for vendor helpers may be purchased for $50.
The vendor selection process is judicial. The amount of clarity and detail in the following fields will affect your application.
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(In brief detail, describe what type of vendor you are and the merchandise you plan to bring to the convention)
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(please provide a link to an imgur gallery, Google photos folder, or similar gallery with photos of your art, merchandise, or previous table set-ups. If you are a digital artist, a link to your easily-accessible portfolio with recent work is acceptable.)
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Please link to a logo or avatar that you would want used to represent you on our website. Please provide an image that's approximately 300x300 pixels.
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Additional Comments / Requirements
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- Dakimakuras (of any size, variation, or purpose) are not permitted for sale in the Vendor Hall. Specifically: A Dakimakura is a body-pillow or body-pillow cover depicting a character, commonly in a vulnerable full body position. Standard pillow cases and wall scrolls are acceptable. If you feel you have a pillow cover that should be an exception to this rule, please ask.
- No NSFW, 18+, or otherwise adult material is allowed in the vendor hall whatsoever. All artwork must be family appropriate. No exceptions.
- All artwork that even closely falls under “questionable” or qualifies as a “pin-up” must be sold out of a single binder. If you have questions what artwork applies to this rule, please ask. We will be very strict with what we feel falls under this category.
- We reserve the right to ask you to remove any artwork or merchandise on display.
- There is no dangerous equipment permitted in the vendor area, such as large heated equipment. For specifics, or to request an exception, please ask.
- Built structures on and around tables must not encroach on your neighbor's table space. Please be respectful when considering your table design. If your table design in any way encroaches on your neighbor's space, you will be asked to remove the structure. For specifics, or to request an exception, please ask.
- Once you have been accepted and payment has been received, no refunds will be granted.
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