Take Home Meals
Dear MASD Parents/Guardians,

Access to meals is a basic necessity and is fundamental to supporting the educational outcome of students. Because attendance will be on a hybrid schedule, we are providing students with the ability to take breakfast & lunch home for the days that students are learning from home.

A signup sheet is attached to this letter. You only need to sign up once. We will continue sending breakfast & lunch home with your student until you contact us and ask to stop participation.

Take home lunches will begin the week of September 21, 2020. In order to receive take home lunches on the week of September 14, this form must be received by September 11. Any forms received after that date will begin a week after the form is received.

The USDA has made the students meals free for all until 12/31/2020. Your student’s account will not be charged.

Breakfasts will consist of a packaged item, fruit, juice and milk. Lunches will consist of a main entrée, fruit, vegetable, and milk.

The take home schedule is as follows:
•A Group- Monday student will take home Tuesday breakfast and lunch and Wednesday student will take home Thursday and Friday breakfast and lunch.
•B Group- Tuesday student will take home Wednesday breakfast and lunch and Thursday student will take home Friday and the following Monday breakfast and lunch.
•C - Students attending 4 days a week will take home their Friday meal on Thursday.
•D - Students attending virtually will need to pick their meals up on Monday afternoon between 5:00 – 6:00 PM outside the old Gym entrance at the back of the school. If school is closed on Monday pick up will be the next day that school is in session.

Please ask your student to keep the meals in their backpack and not open or eat these lunches on the bus or on the walk home. Be sure to put the lunch in the refrigerator upon returning to home.

If you have any questions please contact Sue Klein, Acting Food Service Director, at 570-547-1608 x1141 or nmcmahon@montasd.org .

For questions on free or reduced status, contact Kaydee Miller, Business Manager Administrative Secretary, at 570-547-1608 x1124 or kmiller@montasd.org .

Grant Evangelisti
Business Manager
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