Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation Trustee Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation chapter trustee. Please answer the questionnaire below.

In both its membership and actions, the trustee board will reflect and applicants will be prioritized according to the goals of the Innovation in Libraries Awesome Foundation chapter to further work that suggests creative solutions, proposes a new way of thinking about library services, and supports underserved and diverse communities.

Thank you and we will follow-up with you soon.

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In what type of library do you work in or with:
Years of professional experience
Position title
Describe your experience with supporting issues related to diversity and inclusion in libraries.
Discuss a time in which you implemented or suggested an unusual approach to solving a library problem.
Discuss a time in which you suggested, implemented, or championed a project that had a high failure rate. What made you decide the risk was worth it?
I am able to make contribution of $50 USD to fund chosen innovation projects:
I am able to commit approximately 1 hour of work per month to participate in the micro-grant selection process:
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