E-preneur Task 5
Remarkable Me
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Do you agree with this statement: "So it's an interesting paradox. As the world gets more turbulent, more and more people seek safety. They want to eliminate as much risk as they can from their businesses and careers" Purple Cow, Seth Godin *
Give a reason for your answer above. *
Do you agree with Seth Godin (Purple Cow) when he says "The opposite of remarkable is very good"? *
What is the reason for your answer above? *
Are you offering a remarkable product/service or a very good product/service? *
What is the reason for your answer above? *
What is the name of your business? *
What is your tag line? *
What products/services do you offer? *
Design & email an advert that you would like to be marketed on all WIB social media for the month of June 2020. Email to ceo@womeninbusiness.org.za *
For the month of June you will be offered a directory listing and link on the WIB Website. Send your wording and details to ceo@womeninbusiness.org.za *
Before you email the above tasks have you looked, re-assessed, re-evaluated? Are you completely confident that what you are sending is absolutely remarkable? Not anything like anyone else is offering? *
What is the problem you are solving for your customers? *
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