Women Who Went for It!: Inspiring Chats with Successful Industry Changers Podcast Guest Nomination
Do you know a successful industry-changing woman that would be a great guest for the Women Who Went for It! podcast? If so, please fill out the form below, and we'll see if it's a good fit.
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1. Your Name (Person Filling Out the Form) *
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Unless you're nominating yourself, your answer to this question should be different than the answer you give in question #4.
3. Nominee's Name *
Proposed guest, whether that's you or someone else
4. Nominee's Email Address *
Unless you're nominating yourself, your answer to this question should be different than the answer you gave in question #2.
5. If you're nominating someone other than yourself, what's your relationship to the nominee?
6. The person I'm nominating IS NOT best-known for being an expert in personal transformation and/or women's empowerment—she's just an amazing woman whose personal experience could inspire others. *
What sets Women Who Went for It apart from other shows out there is that we rarely interview subject matter experts.
7. I understand that this podcast features guests who've made the leap from a known career into doing work in an altogether different industry (full-time, or on the side) with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. *
8. I understand that someone who started her own company after working for others or left corporate to work in nonprofit is a fit for this show only when and if she's now doing altogether different work in an altogether different industry from what she started out in. *
9. Field or industry/ies nominee started out in *
(e.g. banking, marketing, law)
10. Job title(s) she had in her previous industry/ies *
(e.g. teller, director, attorney)
11. Different field or industry/ies nominee does work in now *
(e.g. culinary arts, aviation, environmental education. Note: In your answer here matches your answer in question #9, your nominee is not a fit for the show.)
12. Current job title(s) *
(e.g. chef, pilot, educator)
13. Regardless of which field or industry(/ies) she's currently in, what does your nominee consider herself? *
14. Was she doing other kinds of work for at least 7 years, professionally, before breaking into the work she's doing now? *
(Tip: You may be able to tell from her LinkedIn)
15. Would you say she ended up in her current work by chance, or by choice? *
16. Does she love what she does now? *
17. Does she currently earn a comfortable living? *
(Multiple income streams ok)
18. Do you think she'd be up for spending the majority of the interview talking about the shift in her work and how she navigated that (vs. describing what she does for her current work)? *
19. Guests on the show are asked to open up about their fears, struggles, perceived missteps, lack of clarity, and insecurities along the way. She'd have the questions in advance, so she could prepare, but it can still be vulnerable. Do you think she'd be up for that? *
20. In Your Own Words *
Here's your chance to elaborate and really sell your nominee. How is what she's doing these days dramatically different from what she started out doing? And how is she rockin' it?
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