Michelson Hall Room Request
Please provide the following information to request a reservation. Requests not made at least 2 business days prior to the event may not be processed.
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Please include sufficient time for preparation including setting up the furniture in the room, if necessary.
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Please include sufficient time to clean-up and reset the furniture in the room.
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Room Layout (Classroom/Lecture, # of chairs/tables needed) *
Up to 30 6'x2' tables and 160 chairs are available. See image below for classroom (with tables) and lecture (chairs only) layout options. Other custom layouts are also acceptable. Room set-up is DIY or can be arranged with USC FMS for a fee.
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Walls stored away (room open to lobby)?
By default, the walls will be left in place so the rooms are separated from the lobby. 101 has two moveable walls that can be stored away independently, while only the south wall of 102 can be stored away.
Audio/Video Requirements
Presenters may use their own laptop (HDMI, mini-DisplayPort, and USB-C connections available) or a USB drive with the room PC (any USC user can logon).
Will you be serving food and/or drink? (provide name of caterer and delivery window if applicable) *
Will you be bringing in rental equipment? (if yes, provide delivery window): *
Please describe any special requests or conditions that might affect your use of the room(s).
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