Einstein Analytics - Advanced Accreditation Exam
** NOTICE ** - This exam is no longer scored as we now have the new CERTIFICATION EXAM. You may still take this exam for practice. Going forward, consultants should complete both Superbadges and then attempt the exam. We also have Fast Track Training Webinars scheduled to guide you thru the new CERT Exam. Please go to the Partner Community (GROUP: Einstein Analytics for Partners) for schedule and details.

To insure that each consultant gets credit, please make sure you use your proper company email address which is used to log into the Partner Community. A mismatch will disqualify your exam results. You will also need your TRAILHEAD PROFILE URL which can be found by clicking on your picture and selecting profile.

Please use your COMPANY email address. This should be the same address that you log into the Partner Community.

Each question has only 1 correct answer. You'll need 45 correct out of 60 questions (75%) to pass. You will be notified in a few business days on your exam status.

PLEASE DO NOT take this exam as a GROUP. This Exam is meant for INDIVIDUALS.
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