Middle East Consultation 2018 Application Form
18 - 22 June 2018, Beirut - Lebanon
Jesus Christ & the Religious Other: Toward a Biblical Understanding of Islam
In the 21st century, religious diversity is a fact of life. Be it the result of historical precedent or technological advancement, immigration or proselytization, religious diversity can be as disorienting for some as it is enriching for others. For the committed follower of Christ, how are we to make sense of and respond to the non-Christian religions we encounter? Importantly, how does our understanding of religion and religious phenomena impact our proactive Christian witness?

It is in light of such questions that we find ourselves returning to the text, to the witness of scripture and to the great women and men of faith upon whose shoulders we stand, for guidance. In this vein, IMES is pleased to announce Middle East Consultation 2018 – Jesus Christ and the Religious Other: Toward a Biblical Understanding of Islam. Through the course of MEC 2018 (18 - 22 June) we will work toward discerning a biblically grounded theology of Islam and religion which constructively informs the Church in its thinking, attitude, and approach to ministry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Participants and contributors at MEC 2018 come from across the region and the world, providing a unique opportunity to reflect upon the critical challenges of Islam, religious diversity and Christian witness in light of scripture and the study of religion. MEC 2018 will feature high quality presentations from multiple perspectives, personal testimonies, interfaith forums, intimate breakout sessions, and opportunities for all participants to engage in robust discussion.

The Institute of Middle East Studies
The Mandate of the Institute of Middle East Studies is to bring about positive transformation in thinking and practice between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and beyond through initiatives in education, advocacy, and peace-building. IMES is responding to the increasingly urgent need to dispel mutually false perceptions between peoples of different religions and cultures, which eventually result in inadequate practice in social, religious, political, and personal spheres.

As a research and resource institute of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary located in Beirut, Lebanon, IMES has a significant niche within the Protestant community globally. While focusing on creating awareness and understanding between Muslims and Christians in the Arab World and beyond, IMES remains committed to upholding a vibrant witness to Christ.

Held during the third week of June each year (18 - 22 June 2018), the Purpose of the Middle East Consultation (MEC) is to equip participants to respond in prophetic and Christ-like ways to the many challenges facing Christians and Muslims in and beyond the Middle East.

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary
Founded in 1960 in the hills overlooking Beirut, the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) equips servant-leaders for the ministry challenges arising in the Middle East and North Africa – be it theology, communication, pastoral care, ethics, society, or culture. ABTS exists to serve the church as the church serves the rapidly changing world.

What God is doing in our region, despite the conflicts and the calamities, is unprecedented. In response, the church needs well-shaped leaders who have a heart filled with love for God and His mission, a critical mind, and sophisticated skills. Essentially, the church needs leaders who are able to read and understand the signs of the times and are able to mobilize their church communities to respond in creative and relevant ways.

The Vision of ABTS is to see God glorified, people reconciled, and communities restored through the church in the Arab world. Our Mission is to serve the church in our region as it realizes its Biblical mission of having Christ acknowledged as Lord by offering specialized learning resources and equipping faithful men and women for effective service.

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