B2G SaaS Survey 2017
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This is a survey of B2G SaaS startups. The anonymous averages of the survey results will be shared with the survey participants. A brief summary of our takeaways will be shared publicly. No individualized data will be shared publicly.

Our goal is to help startups that are re-imagining cities. Though not all urban tech startups sell to government (B2G), many do. Some include hardware devices in their offering, but almost all have software and offer their solution as a service (SaaS). The purpose of this survey is to surface insights on the current state of B2G SaaS.

Many of these questions are inspired by David Skoks SaaS survey, Tom Tunguz and our experience working with the Urban Us Portfolio and Network. Your answers will be anonymized and the collective insights will be shared publicly. We’ll also work to make 1:1 intros when we think companies might benefit from connecting.

Please direct questions and comments to hello@urban.us

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