Gateway Gran Fondo Registration
The Gran Fondo is derived from cycling events in Europe that are typically called "big rides".  

They are normally single rides of 120km or more. Our version of the Gran Fondo is multiple smaller rides that are achievable over a period of time. We chose 12 routes within the City of Toronto that vary in distance but they all add up to over 120km. The hope is to get everyone out riding more and see Toronto's beautiful landscape and maybe see landmarks and attractions that you've never been to before. In this Gran Fondo, we will award the top 3 individuals with the most kilometres accumulated.

All you will need to do is complete a route, fill out a Report-A-Ride form, and upload a selfie photo that shows you were at the designated destination point. Simple right? But first, please register for the Gran Fondo. None of your information will be shared outside of Gateway Bike Hub.
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