General Greene Reading Log
Please enter in your reading minutes by the end of the month to receive credit for that month. If you do not have your own personal email address, you may enter in under the email address section.
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Date of Your Reading Minutes - If you are entering reading minutes for the entire month, record the last date of the month. If you are entering minutes weekly, record the last day of the week. *
*Enter the number of minutes you have read for the month. *REMEMBER: ONLY ENTER A NUMBER! NO TEXT! *Example: For 30 minutes of reading, enter 30 only. *Do not type the word minutes. *If you read an hour, enter 60. Two hours: 120 Three hours: 180 Four hours: 240 Five hours: 300. Answers that exceed the number of minutes in a given month will be discarded and not count toward your monthly minutes. *
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