2021 NSAC Application

– Circle Advertising meets as a class in both the fall and spring semesters. In order to be considered for the team, you must be able to enroll in the fall course which meets on Monday 7-9:45pm. Spring course meets Monday 4-6:45pm. These courses are 3 credits each.
– Additionally, It is also expected that you will be available during interterm, which is not for credit.

Similar to a real advertising agency, there are four key departments that make up our student agency, Circle Advertising. They are:

1. STRATEGY: For those who love getting into the minds of consumers! This department dives deep into researching the client, its challenges/triumphs, its consumers, its competition, and its potential direction. Our strategists gather data and analyze it, setting up the rest of the team for success. It's a beautiful marriage between logic and creativity.

2. MEDIA: For those who love finding human truth in data! This department tackles the logistical framework of our campaign by determining the best media channels and strategies to effectively reach our target demographic. How can we best allocate our budget to capture the attention of our target audience? Whether placed in digital, television, print, or out of home spaces, our ads are seen, heard, or experienced thanks to the careful planning of the media department.

3. CONCEPT & DEVELOPMENT CREATIVE: For those who love brainstorming, public relations, and #socialmedia! How do we make our research come to life for the consumer? This department comes up with consumer-facing experiences, like guerrilla marketing stunts, social media campaigns, experiential activations, partnerships, and corporate social responsibility. Perfect for those who have big, creative ideas that are rooted in research and logic.

4. ART & DESIGN CREATIVE: For those who love art and design! This department helps us put our best foot forward with a beautifully designed and written campaign. Graphic designers create our campaign plans book, mockups of executions, and any new branding. Copywriters will turn our ideas into a compellingly written pitch and plans book. Producers will spearhead a commercial and other video projects.


After the application closes we will review the applications then select for follow-up interviews. The team will be finalized near or during the first two weeks of class start.

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