Evaluate Your Relationship - Self, Others, Divine
This checklist is to quickly assess how good are you in relationships with self, others and divine. The checklist also helps you to know what is missing, what is helping, what is working and what is not working in your relationships.

The checklist is divided into one main section and three sub-sections of self, others and divine. Points are calculated and evaluated at the end of your submission. Go ahead and fill the checklist in one go

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Relationship with Self
This is one of the most difficult relationships of all. When it comes to self, there are so many people who are not sure on whether they love themselves or not. They don't know. They have a love-hate relationship. Why don't you find it yourself?
Do you love yourself?
17 points
When you walk through a showroom mirror, do you put yourself down?
14 points
Do you put yourself down whenever you make mistake or hurt someone or get angry or in any negative situation
5 points
Relationship with Others
What makes a relationship successful? Any relationship is a complicated mix of two different personalities with different needs, expectations, desires and ideas. A lot goes into making a relationship successful.But first… how do YOU define a successful relationship?

Disclaimer: Relationship with others is a complex matter. Hence, this checklist is just a pointer and not true north. You need to evaluate yourself as to what you would love to apply yourself.

Do you believe you know what to expect from others in relationships?
8 points
We Listen More, Understand More Without Talking.
5 points
Ideas To Improve Your Relationship (Tick the ones you already do or want to do).
0 points
Relationship with Divine
I believe in a POWER, a power outside of me, a power within me, which I cannot really define. I call it Divine. I call it unknowable power, I call it non-God. But whatever it is, I like to believe that there is something out there, ready to help. Only if I could improve my relationship with it
Do you believe in Unlimited Energy?
6 points
Thank You! Congratulations!
Thank you for taking this test for yourself. You are the best person on this earth and this checklist was just to make you aware of your relationships. If you need help, I am just an email away.
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