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Brooke Gillespie-Trout "Heart and Soul" Series
Brooke Gillespie-Trout is a writer who lives in Las Vegas, NV. Her first two books, Set It Free and Let It Go, are from the romance series, Heart & Soul. Brooke grew up involved in the theater, and went from stage acting to film in her early 20s. Her avid imagination has taken her on many adventures, and she's thrilled to share those stories with you. She just released the 3rd book in the series, Through The Storm. She will also be releasing another book outside of the series titled, The Art of Zen. It will be published in the fall of 2020.

Brooke was a part of the Elitch family in the late 80s/early 90s. She started as a dresser for Beach Babies and Stax of Wax, then moved into performance as one of the entertainers in the Kiddieland Players. During her time at Elitch's she made friends who are still in her life today. Always known for her sense of humor and her love of fun., Brooke was a joy to work with and she was Debbie's favorite!! HAHAHA!!

Brook has donated her books to benefit the theatre she loves, and hopes that they will bring joy to the lucky bidder.
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