Messages for Stellar (Stellar 7th Project)
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Deadline for messages: 11pm KST on 2018.09.26 (Wednesday)

Please use this form to submit your messages to Stellar. These can be for individual members or for the whole group.

I will also be collecting photos from you that would like to send it along with the message, like we did in previous support letters.

* Please keep these messages within 300 English words. If you exceed this count, your message may be arbitrarily shortened.
* These messages will be translated into Korean.
* Any message is okay, but please keep these appropriate and supportive!
* As editor, I reserve the right edit/remove anything that is inappropriate.
* Ordering of messages will be based on your contribution to the project (I will put messages of higher contributors higher so it is more easy to see by members :))
* Please submit messages as early as possible, so I can get start having them translated immediately.

As before, I will be making a copy of the letter that we send available via the SSP email list. You can opt-in to the emailing list to see the final result, here:

The email address collected on *this* form is for you to receive confirmation of your submission.

Thank you everyone~

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