Weekly Gospel Booklet Request 2019
Greetings Chapter Executive Committees,

As we begin the new academic year, the National Executive Committee invites you to submit your request for the Weekly Gospel Booklets to be shipped to your Chapter. While donations are accepted for the Booklets, they are at no cost to the Chapters to order and use. Please complete the short request form below by Midnight Pacific Time, November 1st, 2019.

As previously announced, the Word of God is Truth, as such, it is imperative that all Chapters / Đoàn teach the Weekly Gospel to the youth weekly during VEYM/TNTT meeting times as a part of the Student Curriculum (Chương Trình Thăng Tiến Đoàn Sinh). The newly edited and graphic enhanced Weekly Gospel Booklets are designed to assist Chapters to achieve this goal. Through out the year, the National Executive Committee will also host Benchmark Assessments and Competitions to motivate and encourage full participation from all Chapters. If your Chapter has yet to implement the Weekly Gospel initiative, you're invited to begin this ASAP.

For questions, please email headquarters@veym.net

Thank you and God bless!

National Executive Committee
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