NORBIS workshop proposal
General guidelines and requirements for NORBIS Workshops

1. Format of workshops:
NORBIS workshops should differ clearly from NORBIS courses. Workshops may be shorter and also more focussed, and participants may bring and work on their own data.

2. Content and topic of workshops:
Workshop content must be within the scope of NORBIS and target our students. Workshops may cover emerging technologies and also be more experimental and closer to the research front line than regular courses.

3. Financial support:
NORBIS will cover travel expenses for its students and internal and external lecturers participating at the workshop, but will not offer compensation for preparations or teaching.

4. Number of workshops supported:
Depending on the cost of each workshop, the budget allows for supporting 2-3 workshops annually.

5. Decisions:
The NORBIS board will make final decisions on which workshops to support.

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Please note that the description provided here will be used for external communication on the NORBIS website. The course proposal must be in accordance with the NORBIS guidelines.
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Please specify, see NORBIS board guidelines.
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