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This from and following up community map is an initiative by Sharing Is Giving and Souls @ Life. We have joined forces to create this form, a database, the map and eventually also a forum for connecting people and communities.

The map will be shown on the websites and on and can be embeded on other websites. The map is open for everyone to see and explore. When the map will be launched we will provide links to a forum where you can keep the world updated about the community, it's activities and it's needs. So the people that you are looking for will be able to find you!

Connecting Souls @ Life, Namasté.

Project Information
Name, Category, Description, Language, Startdate and People involved.
What is the name of the community? *
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What is the main category of the community? *
We need clear categories for the map. We understand it is not easy to categorize, but it is needed for a good overview in the map. In the next questions you can elaborate.
Which are the main topics/themes of the community? *
For example: Permaculture, Educational project, Spiritual Community, Free Energy, Commons, Self sufficiency, Consensus based, Sociocracy based, ect.
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Please describe the community below! *
Give a more detailed description of the community with a maximum of 600 characters. Please include demography and socio/political technologies used (economic models, decisional making processes, ect.) Example: "Started in 2001 from Jock Millenson inputs and under the influence of the Findhorn community model. Typology of project: seasonal, April-October every year. Sea level 514 m. We accept payments in TEM (local LETS system). Main economic model: social business within a non profit organization legal framework. Decisional making processes: consensus decision making, sociocracy, participatory design. Communication tools: empathic and non violent communication tools."
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What languages are used? *
Please specify the languages that are used in the community.
What was / is the startdate of the community?
This is for people to see how long you have been in action!
How many members / people are involved in the community?
The amount of people part of the community.
Which Network/Networks is the community part of?
Please provide websites and social media links too if possible.
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Location Information
In order to map the community we need the latitude and longitude. Thanks!
What is the latitude of the communities location? *
Copy this from google maps or with this link:
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What is the longitude of the communities location? *
Copy this from google maps or with this link:
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What is the adress of the community?
Street, Number, City
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What is the main country of the community?
In what country does the community take place? Or in what counry is it's origin?
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Contact Information
Fill in what you can, so other communities and people are able to make contact!
What is the URL to the website of the community?
Please fill in the website if there is one. It should look like this for example:
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What is the e-mail to contact?
Give an e-mail for contacts if this suits your needs!
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What is the phonenumber?
Give a phonenumber for contacts if this suits your needs!
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What are the social media page(s) of the community?
Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Minds, Tsu, Elo or anything else you use and want to have in the information on the map.
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Please put the URL to the logo of your community!
Having a logo uploaded looks great on your page in the community map. It should look like this for example: How to do this? Right click on the logo online, and click the option copy image URL, then right click in the box below and paste.
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