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Personal information of applicant will be kept confidential and used for administration and promotion only. Terms and Conditions of KK Style Design Workshop Membership may be revised from time to time without prior notice. KK Style Design Workshop reserves the right of final decision on any dispute.
申請人的個人資料絕對安全及保密,有關資料將用作行政及為會員提供推廣服務之用途。KK Style Design Workshop保留隨時修訂條款及細則的權利而無須事先通知。如有任何爭議,一概以KK Style Design Workshop的最終決定為準。
I have read and understand the「KK Style Design Workshop」Members Terms and Conditions and hereby agree that I will observe and be bound by these conditions and policies. 本人已閱讀並明白「KK Style Design Workshop」會員條款及細則 ,本人同意接受有關條款的約束。
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