Register your running group
Register your running group name for the 2018 edition of 100 days of running. This form is just registration of the group name and not group runners, who will register on their own once event registration starts online. But this will help those runners correctly identify their group name if we have the group information in advance.

IMPORTANT: Please fill this form ONLY if you are either a group admin or a group representative who will represent this group on behalf of other group participants for the 2018 edition. We do not want every group runner to provide their group info using different names, etc., otherwise we will land in the same problem we started with, too many variations of group names provided by runners making it difficult for us to categorize them properly.

Once you have provided the group info to us, please share the same with runners in your group and advise them to select the same when registering.

We will also list all the participating groups prominently on our website along with their details (email or phone numbers would not be displayed to keep privacy)

Group Name *
Mention your running group like it should appear publicly. We recommend using both acronym and full name like: Delhi Runners Group - DRG (since people refer to both)
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Group City *
Mention city in which group exists. If it is a pan India group, just write India instead of city.
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Group admin/representative name *
We may contact the admin/representative in case of any queries related to the group by email or phone.
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Group admin/representative email *
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Group admin/representative phone
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Group website
Optional. Does your group have a website? Mention the same if so. We will display this on our website.
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Group logo URL
If you have a group logo, please either email it to us at, or share the URL to the image below. We will display it on our website.
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Group training locations
Optional. Mention the location of locations where the group trains, or is based at within the city. We will display this on our website.
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Group Facebook group
Optional. Mention URL of your Facebook group.
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Group Facebook page
Optional. Mention URL of your Facebook page.
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