Mattachine Guild Application Form

To join Mattachine you only have to enter your @-handle and we will contact you in game to get you invited and settled in.
In case you aren't contacted within reasonable time, feel free to send a mail in game to @simale

As you will be contacted through mail in the game.
Make sure your settings allow others that are not on your friends list to send you mails, messages and fleet invites.

Also make sure your mailbox isn't full. You can check that by sending yourself a test mail.

This form is also used for joining our Hidden/Secret/Closed Guild Facebook Group, this is not a requirement though.

To which there are two ways of joining: Through an e-mail invite OR if the invitee is on one of the members' friends list.

This Facebook group and its members are not visible to anyone else that is not a member of the group. So the only way to join it is through an invite. No one can visit the page, see who is a member or what is posted in it. It contains all the important information from our former forums.

So if you like an invite, enter either your e-mail address OR paste in a link to your Facebook profile below.

If you like to join both in game and our Facebook Group then fill out the @-handle and either one of the other two.
@-handle and which game you want the invite in are always required so only members can join the Facebook Group.

If you at any point find that you're wondering something about something in the joining process, then bookmark the link below for future reference.

    You need to be invited in one of these games to become a member of our guild. Please click on the checkbox that corrsponds with the game you're playing and want the invite sent in.
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    Please provide a valid e-mail address
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    Must be a valid URL
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