¡FLACC! 2018: Call for Submissions
Call for Artists for the 5th Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers: BREAKTHROUGH

LOCATION: Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco, California, USA
DATES: November 9-11, Fri-Sat. 8pm, Sun. 6pm. 2018


In 2018, the Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers will celebrate five years of featuring resistant, queer, indigenous, and hybrid choreographers based in the United States and Latin America. We want to celebrate this quintessential year with a BREAKthrough experience.

The concept of the "break" is a common theme that is often associated with the Latinx experience in the United States. We break laws. We break away from traditions. Forced immigration breaks up families across borders. Yet the value of the break(through) can also be celebratory. Such as in the breaking open of a Piñata, the breaking down of old paradigms, or breaking through of personal and political limitations, ideas or beliefs.

Processes that generate a breakthrough moment can also be in stages. For example, there is a recovery period after something has been fractured or cracked. The creative process itself encompasses a cycle or set of phases that each choreographer plays with in various ways: from construction to deconstruction; from building up to breaking down. The phases may include pause, avoidance, suspension, reflection or a regenerative phase of healing. As a choreographer, what phase of this cycle are you in? What are you breaking through artistically, politically or personally at this time?

In this time of civil unrest, which includes political differences within families and among friends, we are also seeing transformative waves of conflict resolution, altruistic support for oppressed communities, and a shared desire to find peace and liberation. FLACC is an endeavor that attempts to construct, build, and assemble shattered pieces that have existed to keep Latin American and indigenous contemporary choreographers out of funding pools or out of community building practices in the SF Bay Area. We offer support to establish new relationships that are more essential, transparent, and intimate. For example, engaging audiences in panel discussions and providing a work-in-progress-showing for the featured FLACC artists prior to the festival.

By responding to the theme of “BreakThrough” for FLACC 2018, you may consider new ways of developing your artistry, building community, interacting with the audience or experimenting with innovative collaborative processes.

The 2018 Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers welcomes performance entries that examine, but are not limited to, the following ideas or themes:
-- The breakthrough of artistic practices (Breakthrough, Break Open, Break Down, Break In, Break Up, Break Out)
-- Building a new relationship after conflict (Break up to Make up)
-- Addressing ecological destructions and the breaking down of ecosystems
-- Breaking down walls and paradigms

We look forward to celebrating 5 years with you and acknowledging this pivotal moment for the Latina/x/o community inside and outside of the San Francisco Bay area.


Dance Mission Theater is a 135-person capacity black box theater with professional lighting and sound capabilities. Stage dimensions are 28 feet wide by 35 feet deep, with four 4-foot wings per side. The stage floor is sprung wood with black Marley. Audience seating is on risers, black curtain background and 4 wings with dressing room at the upstage right entrance.


¡FLACC! supports emerging and established Dance Artists of the Latin@ Diaspora who are choosing to make dances of the non-traditional, border-crossing, rule-breaking, cutting-edge, queer, avant-garde, contemporary, curious, experimental, abstract, sensitive, hybridized, neo-classical, or revolutionary varieties. We present Latina/o/x artists that have presented independent work for at least five years.

For our purposes, choreographers with “Latin American” cultural heritage or ancestry are defined by all countries that speak Spanish, Portuguese, or Indigenous languages in the Americas – from the Borderlands of the US to the tip of South America, including the Caribbean Islands. Indigenous contemporary choreographers of North America and US-born Chican@s and Latin@s are also invited to apply to this Festival.


* Work must be no more than 15 mins.
* Work is encouraged to address, but is not limited to, the curatorial mission stated above.
* Piece must be completed and be performance ready before tech rehearsal for November show
* Participate in optional work in progress showing and discussion to gain audience feedback (date TBA)
* Artists must be available for a 1 hour Tech Rehearsal time slot on November. 8, 2018 between 1:00 pm -10:30 pm
* Artists are required to participate in the post-show discussions.
* Artists are required to regularly promote and announce the festival every month prior to the show and a week before the show through social media and email.


FLACC 2018 will provide artists with the following:

* Feedback as the piece develops. In October, FLACC will facilitate a work-in-progress showing with selected artists.
* Honorarium: $400
* Sound & Light board operator for tech and shows
* Light Designer to design the lights during your tech rehearsal time slot
* Professional Video of your piece
* Stage Manager to coordinate scene changes of all pieces
* Publicity & Marketing throughout Bay Area


1) Please complete the Online Form below to include the following information:
Letter of Intent, Choreographer's Bio, Project Description, Collaborators, Technical Needs, Website.
2) Please provide only one Video Link sample which must be no more than 3 minutes of uninterrupted footage. Please list clearly any start & end timings separate from the inserted link.

See website for more information: www.flaccdanza.org
or contact admin: flacc.info@gmail.com

Contact us with any questions!

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