Mission Action Planning Questionnaire
The Diocese of Niagara is embarking on a mission action planning process to help us understand where God is calling our parishes in the Diocese at this time and determine how we are going to respond. We understand ourselves to be engaging in this process through the lens of renewal and mission, a focus Bishop Susan introduced to us last year. It’s critical that this is an inclusive process with representation from a broad cross-section of parishioners, clergy, lay leaders and others in our communities. We can best discern God’s call through hearing many voices.

Today, we want to hear about your hopes and dreams for the Diocese; what inspires you; where is God calling both you and us at this time, and what challenges and opportunities you are experiencing in your context.

We also invite you to become an ambassador for the mission action planning process at your own parish by helping us distribute these surveys to parishioners/members or your congregation.

Note: References to Diocese means – We the Diocese: all parishioners, staff and others in this Diocese of Niagara.

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