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REQUIREMENTS:  To be part of the Guardian Program we do require that you live within 1 hour commute of Elk Grove, CA.  No exceptions.  We also require that an adult be home most of the time (meaning not working outside of the home more than 3 hours per day).   We love having children in the home and will consider some other pets.  Please make sure that you meet all of these requirements before completing the application.  Please also review the Guardian Agreement on the website Guardian Page to make sure you understand all obligations.  Thank you.

So you are interested in being a Guardian Family to one of our Future Mammas/Daddies?!  We acquire or retain only the highest quality of the line as Breeders, so you will be getting a dog that is the best of a breed already known for its overall excellence.  The whole idea behind the Guardian Family is to ensure that the dog always has a loving “Forever Family” to call its own, and gets all the attention he/she deserves as a valued family member, even after it is no longer being used for breeding purposes.
Not everyone or home is well-equipped to be a Guardian for various reasons.  Filling out this app does not guarantee that you will be offered a puppy, or that you will be offered one right away, but as our dogs continue to have pups, we keep applications on file to contact suited candidates when we choose to retain that extra special puppy from one of our litters as a future Sacto Labradoodle Mamma or Daddy!

We look so forward to hopefully creating a relationship with you that is beneficial for everyone involved!  Thank you again so much for your interest!  

Joyce Stranger
(916) 337-7701 
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