Return To Curling 2020-21
Survey to Victoria Curling Club members and curlers about returning to the game post-COVID-19
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What best describes how you’re currently feeling about a return to curling in the fall?
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Would you wear a face mask or face shield while curling to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?
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How many times PER WEEK you would access the ice? ( league play, skill development, practice, etc)
Which league(s) you would participate in for the 2020-21 season?
Which version(s) of modified return to curling would you participate in? Select all that apply.
If the club is unable to open what membership fee would you be willing to contribute to maintain the minimum overhead costs of the club?
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Would you consider paying a "cancellation insurance" premium should you stop playing partway through the year even if the club were to remain open?
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What club amenities would you REQUIRE before returning as an active club member? For example, if you would still curl even if the bar was closed, only select ‘Ice access.’
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Are you willing to volunteer your time and/or resources and/or connections to help prepare the club for a SAFE return to play in the fall? If yes, please provide your name and telephone number or email address.
Do you have any comments, questions or concerns to share with us? Any ideas on league organization, modified playing rules, fee structures, club layout, ice layout or the like are welcome
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