GM Sign-Up: Intown ATL RPG Day
Thanks for volunteering to Game Mistress / Game Master at our monthly role-playing game day! Please fill out the following form so we can give players an idea of what's on offer. All the same, come prepared to run your game or play at someone else's table, as there's no guarantee of enough players for every game. (It's better to have too many games on offer rather than too many players to seat everyone at a game.)
When Would You Like To Run A Game?
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We start RPGs in slots so everyone gets a game and GMs whose games don't muster enough players can join other games
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What's your name (or part of your name if you don't want to show it all)?
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Specifying editions is helpful for many players. For example: "Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition" is better than putting down just "Dungeons & Dragons".
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We're beginner-friendly, but not exclusively so. What level of experience with RPGs should players have for your game?
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Minimum number of players you'll go with
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Maximum number of players (including the game runner if the game is GM-less).
Characters Provided/Required? *
Explain if you're bringing pre-gens, doing character creation at the table, would like to build characters ahead of the event, or have somthing else in mind...
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