Remote IHE Connectathon
IHE Europe has been exploring the subject of performing future IHE Connectathons with a remote component.

We have been considering this for quite some time and realize that to effectively address participants’ needs with credible, collaborative and robust testing, many technical, organizational and process challenges must be overcome. We are prioritizing this initiative due to COVID 19 and need your input.

Please note, IHE Europe is conducting a thorough analysis on this topic and has not reached a decision as to whether any remote capabilities will be available for the November 2020 IHE Connectathon.
The results from this survey will help us in developing technical, logistical and resource requirements necessary to support remote testing. We are soliciting your input to understand whether remote testing is worth pursuing and, if so, for which types of testing.

This survey contains 14 questions and should take approximately 10 minutes to complete
To help expediting this effort, we are asking that you provide your response before June 8, 2020.
How many IHE Connectathons have you participated in?
What do you see as the benefit of the face to face IHE Connectathon event? (multiple answers are possible) *
Do you see value in offering remote testing at the Connectathon simultaneously to the F2F event? (please select one) *
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