ASCA's Continuity of Learning Plan for '20-'21
This initial parent / guardian survey will assist in gathering health and safety information to begin planning for the 2020-2021 academic year. Additional surveys will be sent to gather information to guide the committee in re-envisioning a safe and compassionate learning environment for all students and staff.
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What are 3-5 concerns you may have for the return of in-person instruction this coming September?
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5th Concern
List 5 items you would want in your child's classroom for the return of in-person instruction.
These items may be safety items, and / or curricular needs that would assist with social distancing, hygiene, etc. in the classroom.
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Please brainstorm 3-5 scenarios that you feel need to be addressed for a safe return to in-person instruction this September.
Please include a thorough description including what safety/curricular materials, practices, etc. that need to be used in those 3-5 scenarios. A suggestion is to mentally review the "school day" and describe in concise detail 3-5 scenarios.
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Scenario 5
If students and staff were to be COVID tested prior to the return to school in September, are you confident that testing w/social distancing and strict hygiene routines will ensure a safe teaching and learning environment? *
This is a free space to add any additional information regarding your concerns/suggestions for the 2020-2021 academic year.
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