Application Form for the “Women in Action, Music scholarship” (Fomu ya maombi ya Ufadhili wa masomo wa Women in Action)
Please fill out the following application form to the best of your abilities. Please be as accurate as possible. It will not count against you if you have no experience. We would just like to know what you have done to date. Tafadhali jaza fomu hii kwa kadri unavyoweza. Tafadhali jitahidi uwe sahihi kadri unavyoweza. haijalishi kitu kama hauna uzoefu wowote
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Email *
Full Name/Jina kamili *
Telephone Number/Nambari ya Simu *
Age in years/Umri *
Which instrument do you play/Unapiga chombo gani *
How long have you been playing for (number of years) Umekuwa ukipiga kwa Muda gani (idadi ya miaka) *
Did you study music? If so please give details of where you studied and what qualification you received if you finished your studies/ Umesomea muziki? Kama ndio, Tafadhali toa maelezo wapi ulisoma. *
Please tick your level of reading music (this is just to find out your skill level, it will not count against you)/Tafadhali weka alama ya kiwango chako katika kusoma muziki (hii ni kwajili ya kujua kiwango chako na sivinginevyo) *
If you are already working as a musician please indicate what experience you have playing in bands etc./Ikiwa Fahari unafanyakazi Kama mwanamuziki, Tafadhali tupe uzoefu wako katika kupiga muziki na bendi *
Do you have your own instrument or regular access to one? Je unamiliki chombo cha muziki au unafursa ya kutumia chombo cha muziki mara kwa mara? *
If you play more than one instrument please indicate which other instruments as well as your level (this also includes Traditional instruments) Kama unapiga chombo Zaidi ya kimoja, tafadhali vitaje vyote na kiwango chako cha upigaji wa vyombo hivyo (hii inajumuisha na vyombo vya asili) *
Please tick your level of English (This is just to find out, it won’t count on you even if you can’t speak) Tafadhali, weka Vema juu ya uwezo wako wa Kiingereza (Hii ni kwa ajili ya kujua tu na si vinginevyo) *
Please explain in a few words why music is important to you and why you started playing music/ Tafadhali eleza kwa kifupi kwanini muziki ni muhimu kwako na kwanini ulianza kupiga muziki *
Please explain in a few words why you think is important that you get this scholarship /Eleza kwa kifupi, kwanini unadhani ni muhimu sana kwako kupata huu ufadhili wa kusoma muziki *
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