Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form
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I, the undersigned, *
of the Child (as defined below), hereby consent and confirm that:
1. I am the parent/legal guardian of the child whose information detailed below (“Child"):
First Name *
Surname *
Child’s Mobile Number *
Child’s date of birth *
School Name (“School”) *
2. I understand and acknowledge that Class.Me provides a mobile platform that enables real-time communication, learning and information sharing between the School, teachers, and students (“App”). I further understand that my Child’s School is cooperating with Class.Me in connection with the use of the App, in order to provide the students with a safe space to ask questions and receive answers by using different tools, such as engaging the students with teachers/private tutors, creating groups to distribute information, creating Q&A forums with the school teachers and so forth.
3. I understand that my permission is required for the collection, use, or disclosure of my Child’s personal information in connection with his/her use of the App.
4. I understand that Class.Me will not be able to grant my child access to the App unless I provide Class.Me with this consent form.
5. I understand that by providing my consent hereunder I grant my Child permission to register the App, open an account and that Class.Me will collect and process personal data concerning my Child. I further understand and acknowledge in this regard, that my Child will provide certain information about himself/herself, such as: his/her full name, profile photo (voluntary), date of birth, telephone number, and the content of the massages within the App, materials uploaded by my Child, etc.
6. I have read Class.Me’s Privacy Notice [add link] and understand how Class.Me uses the information collected via the App. I further acknowledge that I have read the App terms of use, available at:
7. I acknowledge that the services and activities related to the App are performed in cooperation with the School, and therefore the School staff will be exposed to the App content, including the name of the children subscribed to the App, the content of their messages in the groups and additional information related to the Child’s performances in school. I further acknowledge and understand that third parties may be assisting us in providing the services to the School, such third parties include forinstance, private tutors.
For Californian residents only
*selling purposes: providing data analysis tools for schools to help the students study better and improve their performances while creating a more secure and pleasant study environment.
Please note, you may withdraw your consent at any time and we will cease using your Child’s personal Information. For withdrawing your consent, please send us email to: Please note however, that by withdrawing your consent, your Child will no longer be able to use the App.
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