Sun West School Division Open Access Requests

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    Our History

    Since 2007, the Sun West School Division has been supporting student learning through the development of online courses under the guidance of the Distance Learning Centre in Kenaston. We currently offer courses from Grades 1-12 including both core and elective subjects. We continue to develop new courses. For a complete listing of available courses, be sure to visit Thank you for your interest in the DLC materials as a valuable resource for your classroom.
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    Designing Online Learning Environments

    In terms of the instructional design for these online courses, these courses were particularly difficult to develop as our end users are so vastly different. Some of our students are home schoolers who are being guided through the courses by parents. Other students are in-school students who enrol to meet credit requirements that are not available in their home school locations or to address scheduling conflicts. We even have adult students who are returning to upgrade courses. We are proud to have quite a variety of end users!

    Acceptable Use of Sun West Materials

    As Sun West School Division continues to develop 21st Century Competencies, we recognize the importance of modelling good digital citizenship practices as educators. It is important to be aware of the acceptable use guidelines for the use of the DLC materials as employee of the Division: Sun West teachers accessing these courses are free to use and modify materials to accommodate their classrooms. Teachers are also welcome to share materials in a secure manner, taking the necessary precautions to ensure that course content is ONLY made available within the Sun West School Division. It is important to recognize the source of the materials from this course in the same way that you would cite other online resources (e.g. websites, images, articles, etc.). For more information about our professional code of ethics, please refer to the STF Code of Ethics document at:
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    Activating Your Moodle Account: In order to be enrolled in any DLC course, you MUST log into Moodle at least once so that your name appears in the database. To do this, enter your username (first name.last name) and password (same as your email) at If you do not complete this step, you will not be able to be enrolled and this will slow your registration process down considerably.

    Types of Course Requests

    There are three types of courses you may be interested in accessing: a) Open Access to DLC Courses – All Sun West teachers have free access to any DLC course. This is a non-editing/view only mode. (Note: Access to non-DLC courses are handled by the individual teacher. Please contact the teacher directly for enrollment. b) Blended Learning Courses – To support the personalized learning initiative across the Division, a number of Blended Learning courses are available. These courses contain instructional videos only to supplement blended and personalized learning classrooms. c) Cloned DLC Courses – For teachers who are interested in providing their students access to the entire course materials from the DLC (excluding assessments), a copy of the entire course may be an option. Requests are submitted through the Open Access online form. Please note the copyright information below.
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    Please indicate on the request form which type of course you'd like to be enrolled in.

    Course Offerings

    Which courses would you like to access? Please type the course names in the text box below. NOTE: If you are new to Moodle, you may be interested in our Teaching with Moodle Course which has a series of "how to" videos for getting started with your own Moodle course development. Search for the course in Moodle and use the enrolment key moodlemania to enrol on your own.
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    Thank You!

    Once you submit this information, you are ready to be enrolled in the Moodle course(s)! Most enrollments happen within two days of submission of this form depending on the other work being handled at the DLC. Enrollments are done manually by our clerical staff. Teachers will not be able to be enrolled in courses through the summer months as no staff will be available to complete this work. Please ensure that your requests are sent in before June 20th for the following school year. Thank you. If you require additional help with navigation, supports will also be sent to you. Thanks again for your interest in the Sun West DLC!

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