Antioch Community Church Summer 2019 Church-Wide Survey
Demographic Information
1. Gender *
2. Age *
3. Which of the following best describes you? *
4. What part of the town do you live in? Please type your zip code below *
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5. Do you have children? If so, how many? *
6. What are your children's ages? *
7. Which of the following best describes your ethnicity? *
8. Approximate annual income range for you and your family (household income)? *
Church Life
9. Approximately how long have you attended Antioch Community Church? (Any Campus) *
10. I am an official member of Antioch Community Church. *
11. How did you first discover Antioch Community Church? *
12. On average how often do you attend Sunday services at Antioch? *
13. What is your primary source of information for church news and events? *
14. The quality of communication about events and opportunities at Antioch is good. *
Encountering God
15. I have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. *
16. I have been baptized with water since I came to faith in Jesus Christ. *
17. I understand and believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. *
18. I am intentional about spending time alone with God on a daily basis. *
19. I abide with God in conversation throughout the day. *
20. I am satisfied with my prayer life. *
21. I regularly read the Bible. *
22. the Bible is the ultimate authority on what I believe and do in my life. *
23. When I have a need, I know how to find help in the Scriptures. *
24. I hear God speak to me personally. *
25. The way that I use my time reflects that God is my highest priority. *
26. I obey God quickly, cheerfully and completely. *
27. Fasting is a regular part of my life with God. *
28. I am pursuing holiness in my thoughts and behaviors. *
29. I am confident in who I am in Christ and I live out of that truth. *
30. I encounter God regularly during Sunday morning service. *
31. Sunday services offer effective ministry to children. *
32. I would feel comfortable bringing someone who doesn't know Jesus to a Sunday service. *
33. I would feel comfortable bringing a Christian friend to a Sunday service. *
34. I have personally invited someone to attend a Sunday service with me in the last six months. *
35. I feel that people of various ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds would enjoy attending a church service at Antioch. *
36. I have met with God in a meaningful way at Encounter Nights. *
Life on Life Relationships
37. There is a person who I would say disciples me (anyone who helps me know, hear and obey God). *
38. If so, does that person also attend Antioch? *
39. There is a person who I would say mentors me (someone older who advises me in my vocation, gifting or season of life). *
40. If so, does that person also attend Antioch? *
41. I intentionally help at least one other person (not in my family) to know, hear and obey God. *
42. I have confidence that I can effectively help someone to know, hear and obey God. *
43. I seek out accountability concerning my character and behavior. *
44. I confess my sins to another person regularly and have them pray for me. *
45. I have a fulfilling and growing marriage. *
46. I am convinced that parents should be the primary disciple-makers in their children's lives. *
47. I am being equipped to disciple my children or grandchildren to love and follow God. *
48. As a family, we strive to have family devotions and pray together. *
49. I see a growing desire in my children to follow Jesus. *
50. I am committed to forgiving and resolving conflict with others. *
51. I regularly pray for and with others. *
52. How often do you attend lifegroup? *
53. In my lifegroup, we are intentional about reading and obeying the Bible. *
54. I feel comfortable sharing my personal life with people in my lifegroup. *
55. I feel comfortable giving and receiving prophetic encouragements (words and pictures someone hears from God) in lifegroup. *
56. I experience God at lifegroup. *
57. I find authentic community and friendship through lifegroup. *
58. I spend time with members of my lifegroup outside of lifegroup. *
59. Lifegroup is beneficial for my children. *
60. My lifegroup has a vision to grow and reach more people. *
61. If I have a personal problem/emergency, I have someone from Antioch I can call who can help me. *
62. I feel connected to others at Antioch (a sense of belonging) and to the church vision. *
Missional Lifestyle
63. I share my faith on a regular basis with those who don't know Jesus. *
64. I feel confident that I can lead someone to Christ that wants to know Him. *
65. I have growing relationships with people of a different ethnicity than me. *
66. I believe that my work is part of my calling and matters to God. *
67. I live intentionally on mission with God in my sphere of influence. *
68. In regards to Antioch Training School, *
69. I have read "Passion and Purpose" by Jimmy Seibert. *
70. I have a desire to pray for and give to church planting in other parts of the world. *
71. I have a desire to go to other parts of the world to participate in church planting. *
72. I have participated in a short-term mission trip with Antioch. *
73. I have attended World Mandate in the last two years. *
74. I have attended the one hour UnBound 101 Anti-Human Trafficking Presentation. *
75. Tithing (giving 10% of my income) to the local church is a consistent part of my worship. *
76. I am giving beyond my regular tithe to missions and/or other ministries. *
77. Approximate financial debt for you/your family (excluding home mortgage): *
78. I seek God through prayer, the Bible and counsel for my financial decisions. *
79. I feel that I am using my primary spiritual gifts and abilities in and/or through my involvement at Antioch. *
80. Do you serve on Sunday mornings? If yes how often? *
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