NDPF Survey For Sample Demand Letters
This survey will be used to inform series of trainings where advocates will assess what we know about Non-Designated Program Facilities (NDPF), what harm they have caused, what needs to change, and what efforts have and might be successful for changing them. This survey will be used to gather examples to use in sample legal demand letters, sample 602s, and sample declarations to be discussed at the training that participants can modify for their own use in documents they may prepare.
This survey's purpose is to gather evidence about the consequences of NDPF, so it's helpful if you'll let us know about an incident that you think is indirectly or directly caused by NDPF

Only the first three questions are mandatory, but please share with us answers to as many other questions as you feel comfortable. Feel free to answer in the form of a declaration that advocates can send directly to officials. If there are multiple incidents you want to report, just report them each in one section but make clear the different dates and times.

Please email completed 115s, 128s, 1824s, 22s, 602s, letters to CDCR, petitions, declarations, survey responses, custody documents, medical documents, pictures, etc. to ckh@caitlinkellyhenry.com in advance of the training.

*This form does not constitute legal advice or legal representation.

Forms may also be mailed (via confidential legal mail) to: Prisoner Advocacy Network, NLGSF, Attorney Jesse Stout, CBN 284544, "Re NPDF", 558 Capp St., San Francisco, CA 94110 or faxed (415) 285-5066.
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Email *
Will you attend the training on how to write Administrative Appeals (602s) to challenge NDPF? *
Will you attend the training on how to write declarations to challenge NDPF? *
Can this information be shared with training participants? *
1. Can this information be reported to CDCR and other government officials *
2a. Name of Person Filling Out Survey
2b. Relationship to incarcerated person
2c. Name of Person On Inside (As Known By CDCR for mailing purposes, as well as chosen)
2d. CDCR Number of Person On Inside
3. Prison Mailing Address Including Cell/Bunk Number
4. Location Of Incident(s)
5a. Does the person involved have any of these housing characteristics? (Check all that apply and explain in next question.)
5b. Please provide more details explaining any of the boxes checked above.
6a. Does the person involved have any of these characteristics? (Check all that apply and explain in next question.)
6b. Please provide more details explaining any of the boxes checked above.
7. Name of Facility and Yard Where Incident(s) Occurred
8. How Many People Are There On The Yard Where The Incident(s) Occurred
9. Security Level of Yard
Clear selection
10. How did people put CDCR on notice of the problems before any incident occurred?
11. Describe any "town halls" or meetings or informational literature that the facility presented about NDPF. (Please mail us copies.)
12a. Do the incidents relate directly to NDPF?
Clear selection
12b. Explain how (optional)
13a. Do the incidents relate to "incremental releases"?
Clear selection
13b. Explain how (optional)
14a. Do the incidents relate to "modified programs"?
Clear selection
14b. Explain how (optional)
15a. Do the incidents relate to "lockdowns"?
Clear selection
15b. Explain how (optional)
16. Did someone refuse a cellmate?
Clear selection
17. Describe the incident(s). Please include as much information as you can. (Dates, times, names, locations, effects, and detailed facts are most helpful for a demand letter.)
18. Was there a committee hearing about the incident? (Was there notice of a hearing, was there a chance to object, was there a chrono? If there was a chrono, please send a copy.)
19. Describe any discipline that happened as a result. (For example, a 115 for refusing cellmate or mutual combat, c-status, designation as program failure, etc.)
20. Describe any housing transfers that resulted (such as, move to higher security level, custody level, ASU, SHU, etc.).
21. Describe any physical or emotional injuries that resulted from the incident(s).
22. Describe any impacts on release date (such as, effect on BPH hearing or determinate sentence credit calculations).
23. Describe any lockdown that happened as a result, and the effects of the lockdown.
24. Describe any impact on enemy chronos. (Did the incident involve people with existing enemy chronos? Did it result in enemy chronos?)
25. Were there past incidents with the specific people involved in the past? Did CDCR know about them?
26. Did the people involved have incident-free time together on the yard before the incident?
27. Describe any impact on access to medical care, including mental health care, and disability accommodations.
28. Describe any impact on access to programming.
29. Describe any impact on classification score.
30. Describe any impacts on privilege group or privileges.
31. Describe any impacts on work group or work.
32. Describe any impacts on finances.
33. Describe any impacts on loved ones or visitors.
34. Describe any ways CDCR failed to follow procedure (i.e. denied a chance to object, didn't hold hearing or committee, etc.)
35. What reports were made to CDCR? (For example, form 22 or 602, call or email or letter from family.) (Please share copies if possible.)
36. What is the result of reports to CDCR? (Please share copies if possible.)
37. What is the status of any 602 or staff complaint about this? (Please share copies if possible.)
38. What retaliation happened and why (for example, what action was taken as a result of a 602 being filed, or raising the issue at committee, etc.)
39. What is the status of any lawsuit about this? (Please share case name, case number, jurisdiction, court name.)
40. Are you aware of any news coverage on the incidents?
41. What information do you think is needed about NDPF? For example, through public records requests?
42. Who should be involved in organizing (name organizations or people)?
43. What do you think advocates should do to help?
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