Residence Life, Housing and Event Services Resident Assistant & Peer Minister Application Academic Year 2013-2014

You cannot save and continue this application. You can however keep this window open as long as it takes you to complete the application. It will not time you out.

This application has at least 3 essay questions. Candidates are encourage to prepare these questions in a program such as Microsoft Word and then copy and paste those answers into these question boxes.

Essay questions (#1-3 for all; #4 for PM candidates; #5-6 for LLC RA candidates):

1. If a person asked you to explain what a Resident Assistant or Peer Minister does, how would you respond? Please be specific.
2. How do you keep balance in your life? How will you balance your many roles of Resident Assistant/Peer Minister/student/friend/leader/etc.? Please provide specific examples (tools/resources) of a time when you had competing interests due to multiple leadership roles.
3. The RA/PM position is a lifestyle commitment; as such, RAs/PMs are expected to be positive role models reflecting the values, ethics, and morals of Regis University and its Jesuit tradition. Please explain which values are of the utmost importance to you and what you look for in a role model; please provide a specific example of a time when you made your values evident and consequently were viewed as a role model.
4. How does your faith and/or spirituality influence your desire to become a Peer Minister? What contributions do you expect to make in the lives of your residents through the PM position?
5. Residing in a Living Learning Community is a great way to help students feel connected to Regis through joint interests/academic pursuits. How do you feel you would best contribute to an LLC in the role of an RA? Please provide specific examples.
6. What specific qualifications or life experiences do you have that directly relate to the LLC community that you listed in your application as your number one preference?

This application is to be submitted no later than 4 p.m. on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.