PPA Public Comment Form
The PPA Board of Directors works for the students, parents, and community members of the school. Community input that can help the Board meet the challenge of becoming the best school possible is always welcome.

Those wishing to address the Board must either live within the boundaries of the Douglas County School District, or be a student of the school, or the parent or guardian of a student of the school, or be a District or school employee, or represent a firm eligible to bid on materials or services solicited by the Board. Others who wish to speak, but do not meet the above criteria, must receive permission from the Board President in advance of completing this form.

Citizens are invited to speak during the time specified for Public Comment. This is the time to voice opinions (not to ask questions) about specific agenda item(s) prior to any Board action. Speakers must complete this form and submit it electronically prior to 3:00 p.m. on the day of a regularly scheduled Board meeting, else it will be considered for the following Board meeting. If written testimony or a handout is submitted, presenters are asked to supply one (1) copy to the Board Secretary.

Tips for addressing the Board:

- Identify yourself before speaking.
- Limit comments to three minutes (comments will be timed, and 30 second warning from the end will be issued).
- Groups representing a consistent viewpoint are encouraged to select a single spokesperson.

By law, the Board is allowed to take action only on items on the agenda. For other matters, the Board will receive comments only at the beginning of the meeting, and may, at their discretion, refer the matter to district staff or calendar the issue for future discussion.


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