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Assistant Stylist

The Key Stylist is the experienced, seasoned, connected, efficient and resourceful individual who either creates or was hired for the productions, be it wether the client assembles the team or requests that the Stylist produces the job. The Key Stylist holds the managingg role over wardrobe (or whichever role is added to their description) on the production and hires the assistant. This also includes but not limited to gratis collaborations.

The hm is based on an on call status, however internships require 6 months of training before job consideration as a stylist assistant on paid projects and you understand that this is strictly at the discretion of the KEY STYLIST.

Some responsibilities include organizing the fashion closet, arranging pick up or deliver clothing and accessory samples, liaising with publguic relations agencies, assisting at fashion shoots, logging in credits for editorial stories, and assisting the fashion editor. There may be some opportunity to write for the publication or provide fashion show assistance.
Fashion assistants work mainly in the fashion closet and at photo shoot locations .
The assistant stylist's main focus is to cater to the needs and instructions of the Key Stylist.

BE SURE TO CC the Key Stylist On All Communication With Clients And Contacts.

Preparation Day
Call and set up appointments for the Key Stylist. Solicit new designers for the Key Stylist.

Pull Day:
Pick up items from the showrooms, boutiques and designers that were selected by the Key Stylist.
These items are to be brought to the stylist at the day of pick up unless otherwise discussed. An inventory check list must accompany all items which the assistant is accountable for and must confirm.

Shoot Day:
Focus strictly on the needs and instructions of the Key Stylist.
1. Assist Key Stylist with unloading all items.
2. Neatly unpack, hang, arrange, organize and display all items by type, designer, color, size and category.
3. Steam garments, tape shoes, add liners to undergarments, store tags in individual envelopes, bring safety pin, top stick and assist Key Stylist.
4. Collect all credits: Names, contacts, phone #s, emails and Instagram Handles.
Designer names that were worn from head to toe including all accessories & footwear.
Photographer, Stylist, Mua, Hair, Assistants, Talent, Agents, Managers, Location, Sponsors.
5. Keep an inventory of all styling merchandise. Collect every item worm by the talent after each shot and neatly hang or place them in order. Carefully remove any tape or pins applied by the stylist and replace all store tags.
6. Upon wrapping the shoot, neatly pack up all of the items in the order and packaging that they were received in. Take an inventory using the given list to account for all items that must be returned. Take full Responsibility for damages of lost items.

Return Day:
Return all items borrowed to their designers, boutiques, showrooms and owners in the condition that they were borrowed in a timely manner.
Report All Credits To The Key Stylist

Writing Duties Apply:
Fashion Reviews
Press Releases
Shopping Guides

Additional Duties
Solicit Other Interns
Casting Calls
Runway Coverage
Backstage Assistance
Referring Key Stylist For Business.
Scout Locations


Always first consult with the Key or Hiring Stylist before sharing any information or making any contact with their team, staff or clients. Even if the client violates these terms, you are still to refer them back to the key stylist and in no shape or form to accept any solicitations from the Key Stylists CLIENTS!

1. Client engagement /Non-compete clause.
Every moment on set is to be spent solely and specifically to cater to the Key Stylist's needs and instructions. IT IS NOT THE TIME FOR NETWORKING.
Although basic cordial correspondence is admissible but must be kept to a minimum. Socializing outside of the purpose of assisting the Key Stylist, exchange of information, solicitation of business, followers or development of a relationship external of that of the KEY STYLIST is strictly prohibited. This includes photographers, editors, directors, personal shop clients, models, actors, entertainers, public figures, location owners, managers, publicist, owners, talent and new faces.
Never suggest ideas in front of the crew and talent without first privately consulting the Key Stylist.

2. Designer and Boutique Contacts
Always consult the Key Stylist before reaching out to designer contacts from the Key Stylist's data base.
Unless authorization is approved, contact is strictly prohibited. (This includes finding designers that the Key Stylist credits on social media).

3. Key Stylist Data Base
Any contact information shared by the Key Stylist is strictly to serve the purpose of assisting the Key Stylist and not for personal business use. All contact shared must begin and remain in a text or email thread with the Key Stylist included.

4. Using images from Key Stylist's shoot on IG or portfolio.
No images are to be used without the Key Stylist's expressed permission and credits must read "ASSISTANT TO KEY STYLIST". NK
.This short list of terms is a request for assistants to review and respond that you understand and are bound by the above listed terms whenever booked as an intern (6 months) or independent contractor which requires review of performance before being considered each time the key stylist has an opening.

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