Northwest Louisiana Digital Survey
The purpose of the survey is to find out how many people in Northwest Louisiana are connected to the internet. The Digital Infrastructure Committee is a group of individuals who are looking to better utilize the internet for educational and work purposes for the citizens of Shreveport. Respondents must be 18 years or older. The data collected will not be used or sold to any corporation for purposes of marketing/sale of goods or services. This is a critical effort to understand the need for internet connectivity and how we collaborate with government officials, non-profit agencies, educational institutions and the business community. Once the survey is completed we will report our findings in aggregate and anonymously with the citizenry. Thanks for your participation.
Do you currently have internet services at your home with any of the following providers:
How satisfied are you with your internet service provider?
What do you use the internet for?
What type of device (s) do you use to access the internet?
Do you have internet access/broadband access at your home (i.e. at least 25mbps service)
How much do you pay for your internet services at your home? (bundled or unbundled)
How many people in your household use the internet?
Would you use the internet to learn a new skill that could help you get a new job/increase your current salary or facilitate tutoring or online learning for your children
What is your address/zip code?
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