I'm a good parent when...
This survey is for information gathering only. It's not about judgment or guilt. It's simply for discovering where people thrive in parenting and where they struggle. With the info, I'll be doing a podcast series as well as weekly articles, If you don't mind me sharing your name, then share it. If not, that's fine too. I will share info only in terms of starting a discussion, not as a judgment, or belittling of anyone's parenting!
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I feel like a good parent when... *
I feel like a good parent when... *
My parenting strengths are... *
How can you best use your strengths?
My biggest weakness is... *
What do you think would help you with your weakness?
I struggle most with parenting... *
Expound on the question above: If you struggle internally, what does that look like? Feel like? If you struggle externally (without sharing details you don't care to) what does this look like? Feel like?
How do you measure your parenting ability? *
How do you measure your parenting ability?
Describe a recent situation when you feel as if you rocked being a parent!
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