OEA's 2018 Story Project: Disrupted Learning
Thank you for participating in our story project for this legislative session. You can see examples of last year's project here: https://www.oregoned.org/whats-new/educator. Legislators loved receiving stories directly from educators and it was a powerful lobbying tool. Each day in February / early March, we will hand-deliver a story about the impact of behavioral challenges and unmet student needs on student learning to every legislator in Salem.

- We will edit your story for clarity and brevity - the final product ends up being about 300-400 words.
- Please email a photo of yourself (portrait (not landscape) orientation, face/head filling at least ¼ of the frame (close up), no children or photos of children should appear, take inside or with good lighting outside) to jenny.smith@oregoned.org. If you do not have a photo and we decide to feature your story, we can come to you and take a photo.

We will share your story electronically on our blog as part of our legislative session work. We will not share every story on social media, but we will share a good number of them.

We will also compile a booklet at the end of session with all 35 featured stories included. We will send you the final copy of your story as soon as it is shared with legislators! Student names and other information subject to privacy concerns will be changed or anonymized to protect the identities of those affected or involved.

Please contact jenny.smith@oregoned.org with any questions.
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