T&P 2018 Work Exchange Application
We appreciate your interest! You can find 2018 Touch&Play: Truth or Dare’s work exchange information below. Please read thoroughly, as the work-exchange positions are truly essential to the festival’s design and help make attending feasible for beloved members of our community.


Please note: Helpers will primarily be assisting with meal prep and otherwise working in the kitchen. All Helpers will be unable to participate in one or more class/intensive sessions during the festival. Please be sure you are willing to commit to this before moving forward.

Available shifts (and things to consider):

Breakfast prep (quite early)
Late morning lunch prep (conflicts with intensive session)
Dinner prep (conflicts with afternoon session)
And a short, focused late-night kitchen clean shift each day for one lucky soloist

We're offering a $12/hour discount towards registration costs found on the website in exchange for Helper’s contributions.

To apply, please complete this form with:

Contact Info: name, phone, email.

Hours needed: what is the minimum amount of hours your would need to work to make attending the event financially feasible for you? (compensation @ $12/hr)

Hours desired: what number of work-hours would you ideally like to commit to, all things considered?

We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s preferences, and will try to allocate hours accordingly. Organizing the distribution of labor can be a challenging task, and your cooperation makes it much easier. It’s likely we will not be able to accommodate everyone's desired work-study hours, but do whatever possible to make it work for everyones financial needs. The process can get messy if folks change their minds after applying, so we ask for everyone to be clear and committed to whatever you put on your application.

Helpers will receive their final work schedule via email or during the Work-Exchange Orientation Meeting on July 10th.

Deadline to apply is July 1. Preference will be given to those who apply first.

Feel free to share this link with your friends and lovers.

Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to playing.

Rob Kancler and the T&P team

Name *
Phone number *
Preferred email *
What is your experience/skills cooking and working in kitchens? *
What is the minimum # of hours you would require to make attending the event financially feasible for you? (compensation @ $12/hr) *
What is the maximum # of hours would you want to work during the event? *
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