Portal Luminance Project Proposal for MAGNUS 2018 (Schloss Kaltenberg, Germany)
Welcome to the PLP (Portal Luminance Project) Proposal Form.

You are proposing to create a physical portal which represents one of the thirteen archetypes for the MAGNUS event on May 25th, 2018.

A work of art or symbolism worthy of supporting the energies required by a portal. You will have an opportunity to finish constructing your portal onsite, but will need to bring all materials. Electriity will be available.

Submissions will close on March 20, 2018 (sorry, no exceptions).
Groups will be notified as to acceptance or rejection on or before midnight PDT March 22, 2018.

Only 12 projects will be selected by our jury, so make sure to present your idea as detailed as possible!

Please only submit one entry per team. Your POC's contact should be used below.

By clicking "Submit", you grant Niantic, Inc. a license to your project, including the images and text stored at the links you provide above. That license is solely for the purpose of conducting this Ingress event, including judging entrants, and implementing content from the winning submissions into Ingress, and for marketing and promotion related to the event and Ingress. This license does not grant Niantic ownership of these materials, just a license that we need to work with your submitted content.

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Materials must be brought to the event site.
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Group Tech Lead Name (Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Coder) *
Niantic, Inc. will provide you with a prototype Tecthulhu module to connect to the portal network, allowing your physical portal to respond to the status of the actual Ingress portal. Details on the technology involved can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n7a-GZK8spbGpnnIXf6XYr8Q-cFZEjfBZhZKbbU38QQ/edit
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Link(s) to your Project. Docs/PDF/Images. This is the detailed description of your installation. We are not responsible for broken links or bad permissions. Please make sure we can get to them. *
How much space will your Project need on site?
Please tell us about the dimensions of your project: L/W/H/D or detailed description of space needed.
Please note that welding is not allowed on site!
Your whole PLP needs to be simpel to dismantle.
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