A BIG ASS BOOK CLUB TORONTO - The Game of Desire, book club leader signup
A Big Ass Book Club will be a large group of people who all read the same book, discussing it at one venue. There will be breakout book clubs within the BIG ASS book club meaning that while we will share a space, groups of 10 will be privately discussing the materials led by book-club leaders. THAT'S WHERE YOU COME IN!

As a book club breakout leader, we are offering you as many free books as you will require to assemble your crew. We will also be training you on the curriculum to lead your crew through a riveting, raw, fun and one-of-a-kind discussion about stepping into your power as a badass connector, flirt, seducer and manifester.

THE BIG ASS BOOK CLUB TORONTO WILL LIKELY TAKE PLACE ON OCTOBER 2nd OR OCTOBER 6th DOWNTOWN TORONTO, so please ensure you are flexible during the day before signing up!

We hope that our book club leaders have already read The Game of Desire so you can be an enthusiastic leader, but it's not mandatory. As a group we will have networking games, a light booty workout led by a certified instructor and tons of opportunities to take pics with the ME (@shanboody) + each other.

Alright if you're down here's what we need from you
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