DrPrax - FREE Covid-19 Home Isolation Program
Registration for the Program. More details on https://proostin.page.link/CvCareWeb
DrPrax initiative to help patients during the ongoing Covid crisis. DRPRAX is grateful to all the Health Practitioners providing their services for FREE to Patients in this program.
The Program focusses on both Physical and Mental aspects of the patient. Includes FREE online consultations by Doctors, Dieticians and Mental Experts
Eligibility - Only for Covid +ve patients with Mild / No Symptoms and No Comorbidities
I have no co-morbid conditions like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Obesity, cancer, any long term immunosuppressive drugs , kidney problems etc. *
Name *
Age *
Mobile number *
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Location *
City and Locality
Symptoms start date *
In case you are Not Covid +ve, you may not be eligible for the FREE Program. But you can download DRPRAX and CHAT with "Covid" Doctors for "FREE"
How would you like to Consult the Doctors ? *
Previous Medical Information (Optional)
Share any relevant medical history or earlier surgeries etc...that may help Doctors with the treatment
I will be giving updates of my condition and parameters like pulse, pulse oxygen, temperature, etc. carefully, correctly and at regular intervals as advised by the doctor. *
For Patients Eligible for the Program, you will be contacted and notified of the Doctors who will provide you FREE Home Isolation Support
Not Eligible for Home isolation? You can CHAT with COVID Specialists for FREE and get your Queries resolved. Please download the "DRPRAX" App and Search for "Covid" Doctors. Android - https://kve.so/Android_DrPrax and iPhone - https://kve.so/iPhone_DrPrax
They can guide and advice you on the further course of action for treatment. Request you to be respectful of the Doctor's time.
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