2020 Baseball Athlete Registration
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What size T-Shirt does your Athlete Wear?
Note - Athletes will only receive a t-shirt if they did not receive one in the fall
Would you like to Register your Athlete for Clinic or Club? *
Please choose EITHER Clinic or Club. Clinic is for athletes to practice the fundamentals of the sport. Clinic will be playing Basketball. Each team will have 1 coach and a minimum of 8 volunteers assisting with one-on-one assistance provided to teach the basics of the sport. Club is for athletes that have a good grasp of the fundamentals and are looking for more team building. Club will be playing Basketball. Each team will have a coach and a minimum of 3 volunteers helping. A skill assessment survey is required for Club.
Athlete Assessment (ONLY FOR CLUB TEAM)
Please only complete if you wish for your child to participate in the Club Team. In order to insure that teams are even, we ask that you rate your child based on the skills below! We are not expecting each athlete to be completely independent at all the skills listed, but we want to insure that the teams are equal for their coaches!
How well does your child work in a group of three (3)?
Would they need support from a volunteer (Maximum Support) or are they ready to tackle the task on their own (Maximum Independence).
Maximum Support
Maximum Independence
How well does your child show an interest in playing sports?
Are they excited about the season or does it take bribes and coercing to force them to attend?
Little Interest
Lots of Interest
How well does your child follow 2 step directions?
Not So Well
Very Well
How well does your child complete basic throwing to a target, catching, hitting off of a tee, and kicking skills?
Not so Well
Very Well
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