2016 Youth HUB Fellowship: Youth Application
Are you between the ages of 16-24 and passionate about creating positive change in your community?

Do you have an idea for a social enterprise (project or business that benefits the community and makes money) that you are interested in developing over the next 12 months?

If you answered yes to both questions, please complete the application below for the Youth HUB Fellowship Program.

PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT be able to save your progress and return to it later. Please copy and paste the questions below into a separate document and complete this form when you are ready to submit the entire application.

The Youth HUB Fellowship is a comprehensive, yearlong social entrepreneurship training program for emerging young leaders that want to create positive change in low-income communities.

The Youth HUB Fellowship is a collaboration between:

Goals of the program:
• Build the skills and capacity of some of the Bay Areas’ most innovative young leaders to create solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our communities.
• Provide a platform for intergenerational collaboration
• Connect the business community and youth to generate positive community change.

The Fellowship includes:
• 4 months of weekly social enterprise training to develop a business model strategy and pitch (professional presentation) for your own social enterprise
• Professional adult mentorship
• Free access to your own co-working space and office amenities Monday through Friday 12-8pm (use of computers, internet, media equipment, and space to work on projects, meet with clients & mentors, etc.)
• A pitch event, where you will present your social enterprise proposal with access to at least $1000 in SEED FUNDING and volunteer support from professionals
• 7 months of follow up coaching, training and networking events

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE NOVEMBER 15th. Participants will be selected by DECEMBER 1.

If you have any questions, please contact: Gino Pastori-Ng 510-575-1251 gpastoring@bayareayouthseed.org

More information:
Your One Year Commitment:
• Attend Youth Hub Fellowship Launch Ceremony: December 4th 6-8pm
• Attend Pre-Program Retreat: January 9, 2016 10am-6pm
• Attend Workshops: Tuesday evenings, January 12th through May 3rd 5:30-8pm. @2781 Telegraph Ave in Oakland
• Attend Pitch event: May 14, 2016 10am-6pm
• Attend Follow up monthly trainings (first tuesdays of each month, June - December 2016 5:30-8pm)
• Complete assignments between workshops. (at least 2 hours per week) If you do not complete assignments, you must attend mandatory work sessions Thursdays from 5:30-8pm.
• Local business development: this fellowship is made possible by partnerships with local businesses who are paying for the cost of the program, in exchange for your support. Are you willing to participate in at least 3 2-hour sessions, in which you will consult local businesses on how to improve their product or service?

Can you commit to the time requirements as outlined above? *
If you answered no, please explain why:
Please provide at least 3 windows of time that you are available for an in-person interview before November 21. (For example: Nov. 3 3-5pm, Nov. 9 10am-3pm, Nov. 10 5pm-7pm) *
Personal Information
Name *
Address *
City, State & Zip Code *
Email *
Phone *
Date of Birth *
How did you find out about this program? *
If someone referred you to this program please list their name here.
Organization (if you are affiliated with one)
Do you have a mentor at your organization who would be available to attend workshops with you and support the development of your project? If so, please list their name and contact info: *
This is preferred but not mandatory.
Reference Information
A reference is:
• An adult who believes you would be a strong candidate for this program.
• He or she can be a teacher, mentor, community member, or staff of an organization you are involved with.
• Ideally, this adult will be able to support you throughout your experience in the Youth HUB Fellowship by reviewing your work, giving advice, and offering encouragement to continue your project/enterprise.
Reference Name *
Reference Email *
Reference Phone *
How do you know this person? *
Please answer each question clearly, in as much detail as possible.
1. Why are you passionate about improving your community? *
What problems do you think are the most important to address in your community and what motivates and inspires you to create solutions?
2. What is your idea for a community benefiting project/enterprise? *
Please clearly explain your idea: what you want to do, how it will benefit the community, and how it could possibly make money.
3. Are you working with other team members? If so, who are they, and what are their roles? *
Teams of up to 4 members can be accepted into the fellowship. Applicants with at least one other team member are more likely to be accepted. (Only 1 application is needed per team)
4. What do you hope to gain from the Youth HUB Fellowship? *
How do you hope to grow personally and professionally from this program and how do you hope this experience will support the growth of your project/enterprise idea?
5. What skills or experiences do you have that demonstrate your abilty to succeed in this program? *
Please share any information about similar programs you have completed, skills you have that will help you develop your project, etc
Demographic Information
This information is for our records. It is confidential and will not be used to determine your participation in the program.
Race/ethnicity (optional)
Highest level of education completed *
Do you, or did you qualify for a free or reduced school lunch? *
What is your gender identification? *
Contact: Gino Pastori-Ng 510-575-1251 gpastoring@bayareayouthseed.org

More information:

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