Spring Craftathon™ 2021 Presenter Application
Welcome! I am super excited you're interested in becoming a part of this quarterly online virtual crafting event. Please STOP and READ ALL of this THOROUGHLY. Thank you...

Due to the outstanding success & popularity of this event and the overwhelming response from experts wishing to present; there is a process in place for those who wish to be a presenter for this event as follows.

-Step 1 Deadline to submit this application 01/05/2021

-Step 2 Presenters will be announced on 01/08/2021

-Step 3 Deadline to submit Sponsorship Dues and agree to current "Best Practices Agreement" by 01/15/2021

-Step 4 Deadline to submit typed 'supplies used' list on 02/12/2021

-Step 5 Deadline to accept and confirm presentation time 02/19/2021

-Step 6 Check in day prior to event to confirm time 03/05/2021

-Step 7 Email list of event registrants will be delivered to those who chose sponsorship level that includes it 03/19/2021

This is the initial form to 'apply' to present in the Spring Craftathon™ on March 06, 2021 in a 20 minute time slot at a time to be determined between 10am-10pm CST on Saturday.

Once chosen to present, there will be a sponsorship form for you to choose your level of sponsorship for the event. Sponsorship Levels will vary as follows: $47, $147, $497 Thank you so much and I appreciate you!!!

*Non-Compete Agreement is a "two week" honor rule in place now if you choose to participate in this event. If chosen you agree not to organize or participate in another organized crafting collaborative event the two weeks immediately prior to or the two weeks after this event.
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Time slot preference (20 min between 10am-9:40pm CST on Saturday, March 6) *
Crafting Project Idea (this needs to be Spring related home decor or decoration) *
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